Mindfulness in Law News Articles
These links direct you to selected articles, written by
lawyers, or about lawyers, on mindfulness in law. 

From Around the Country

ABA Journal" Mindfulness in Legal Practice is Going Mainstream", by Beckie Beaupre Gillespie
Miami Herald "Mindfulness is Making its Way into the Mainstream", by Marcella McCarthy
The Recorder: “Mindfulness and Stress,” by Judi Cohen
ABA Litigation Journal: The Benefits of Mindfulness for Litigators, by Jan Jacobowitz
Vermont Bar Journal: “The Mindful Lawyer”, by J. Patton Hyman
Shambhala Sun: “Law of Mindfulness”, Barry Boyce
Meditation and Controlling the Inner Mongo, June 2012 (Harley Tropin, Esq.)
Harvard Negotiation Law Review: “The Contemplative Lawyer,” by Leonard Riskin
Bench & Bar of Minnesota “Mastering Stress and Finding meaning as a Lawyer,” by Dyan Williams
ABA GP Solo: “The Mindful Lawyer”, by Robert Zeglovitch
Canadian Lawyer Magazine, “Lawyers Turn to Meditation to Fight Stress and Improve Performance,” by Craig Cormack
Massachusetts Bar Association Journal: “A Call for Mindfulness in our Profession, by Edward W. McIntyre
Mindfulness Matters, Nov. 2011 (Scott Rogers)
Mindfulness Matters, March 2012 (Scott Rogers)
Mindfulness: A Challenge for our Times, May 2012 (Judge Alan Gold)
ABA Young Lawyer: “Stop, Look & Listen,” by Scott Rogers
The Gift of Mindfulness and the Law, by Jack Kornfield
Future of the Legal Profession (see second to last paragraph), by Rachel Van Cleave
Law Schools Teach the Practice of Meditation, by Karmath Elmusa

Articles of Interest
Marines Seek Warriors with Mindfulness (Wall Street Journal)